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By | December 29, 2022

All of the subjects covered over the last couple of years in my “Been There, Done That. Took Notes.” Blog have covered my activities, mostly in Minneapolis. I’ve also written about some interesting aspects of Minneapolis which occurred during that same period but did not involve me directly.

In all of these articles, I have tried to be accurate and objective; “This is what happened!” and “This is what I saw”.

Future blogs are going to be different! I’m going to inject my opinion as to a better way of living in Minneapolis – I intend to be critical of current activities of residents and public employees when deserved and I will sprinkle praise where it belongs.

I’m going to compare, in my opinion, the quality of life in Minneapolis at the beginning of my career (60 years ago) with today. Many of you may disagree – so be it!

In my humble way I’m going to suggest some rather drastic changes to the way we currently live and operate in Minneapolis. I know that we resist change in most aspects of how we live – but our life just might be improved.

So here goes – you can delete my thoughts and future blogs if you like.

I believe that my experiences in these 60 years have filled me with some promising ideas that could improve our lives – for all of us.

4 thoughts on “Been There, Done That. Took Notes. – Blog 2.0

  1. Joan Shapiro

    Ray. I enjoyed every word of your Blog. Painted a vivid picture. Keep Blogging!!! Love joan

  2. James B McComb

    Ray, can’t wait to read your observations on life in Minneapolis and suggestions for the future.

    Happy new year.

    Jim McComb

  3. Joe Nathan

    Looking forward to your advice about future directions, Ray.
    Hope you have a healthy, happy 2023.

  4. Victoria Ann Barlow

    I love your new direction Ray. Your experience and creative mind have been such a benefit to our Minneapolis community from gathering places, commercial destinations, dog parks and more!! Your unique perspective is so welcome as well as a great source of information and upbeat attitude! And dare I say it, entertaining as well. Can’t wait to read more!!

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