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Cedar Riverside

The installation of the Interstate Highway System during the Eisenhower Administration caused major changes in urban areas throughout America; changes to our psyche, our lifestyles, and our physical environment. The massive roadway expansion cemented our love affair with the automobile – increasing our reliance on it for our groceries, our vacations, to travel to our… Read More »

Let’s Go to the Movies!

Before the existence of a fancy TV set or more than one in every home and long before the availability of movie theaters with wide, reclining seats, special futuristic sound and vision gimmicks – priced along with food treats at almost unreachable cost – was the Movie Theater – a coveted family experience – or… Read More »

Better Way – Find It

“There is a better way – Find It” – a well known quote by Thomas Edison. Finding a better way to carry out my assignments, to meet challenges and solve problems has been THE guiding factor for all of my 60+ year professional career. Being self employed, I have always done things “my way” and… Read More »

Believe It or Not

Retail on the Nicollet Mall The Nicollet Mall was the pre-eminent retail location in the entire Upper Midwest. Shoppers from Canada and the states between Chicago and Denver traveled often to shop on the Nicollet mall. The retail offerings were extensive. All of the following retail stores were located on the Nicollet Mall in its… Read More »

Restaurants in Minneapolis

Pre Covid, Minneapolis offered a variety of restaurants – upscale, neighborhood, multi-chain operations, buffets, restaurants offering almost every conceivable cultural food choice – as well as dessert bars and wine bars. It seemed that new restaurants were opening weekly and as many closing weekly. Eating out in Minneapolis was not always like that; Choices were… Read More »

The Future of Traditional Retailing

Retailing, as we have known it, is failing throughout the United States – throughout the world. Delinquencies, even bankruptcies are not just a Minneapolis phenomenon; even before Covid 19 affected every aspect of our lives, the world of personal, on-site retailing was failing. There are some obvious reasons for this failure and some not so… Read More »

Liquor Patrol Limits Law

Prior to 1975 most of the City of Minneapolis was “dry”. Persons desirous of an alcoholic drink with their dinner were restricted to restaurants in Downtown Minneapolis – as defined by an arbitrarily determined boundary titled The Liquor Patrol Limits. When and how The Liquor Patrol Limits originated happened prior to my presence on the… Read More »