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The Marlboro Man

Smoking and Matchbooks In the distant future when archaeologists explore landfills around Minneapolis, they will undoubtedly uncover some soggy packages containing unused “cancer sticks,” (now we know what they are) sometimes called cigarettes. At one time smoking cigarettes was widely accepted. “The Marlboro Man,” “I’d walk a mile for a Camel,” “Lucky Strike green has… Read More »

Take me out to the Ball Game

Baseball, in Minneapolis, has a fascinating history – affecting many aspects of life – commercial and residential real estate development, parking, traffic patterns, public transportation, and last but not least, the relationship between citizens of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. As a baseball fan for 80+ years and a loyal Minneapolitan for 90 years, I have… Read More »


Off-leash Downtown Dog Park. Over my 90 years, I have shared my home with 16 different dogs, – large, small, and many of Heinz 57 varieties – but all of them have been my close and loyal friends. Buddy, an energetic golden retriever mix with a penchant to chase a tennis ball into eternity, lived… Read More »