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Successful and unsuccessful real estate projects


For several years, I’ve been writing a blog about Minneapolis and about my activities in Minneapolis during the 94 years that I’ve resided on this earth and in Minneapolis. During this time, Minneapolis offered a wonderful quality of life. During these years, Minneapolis also had many challenges – problems. I consider myself a problem solver… Read More »

The Infamous Block E

All of my blogs have related to the years during my professional career in Minneapolis. During these sixty plus years, the physical environment has changed greatly. Some of these changes to streets or parks or public buildings have been the result of public decisions and community needs. Most of the changes, however, have resulted from… Read More »

Cedar Riverside

The installation of the Interstate Highway System during the Eisenhower Administration caused major changes in urban areas throughout America; changes to our psyche, our lifestyles, and our physical environment. The massive roadway expansion cemented our love affair with the automobile – increasing our reliance on it for our groceries, our vacations, to travel to our… Read More »

Affordable Housing and Rent Control

The need for more affordable housing is one of the top priorities for every community in the United States. Minneapolis is no exception. City officials, developers, politicians, and community groups have consistently focused on this problem – a wide variety of efforts to mitigate this problem have been tried. New construction, rehabilitation, and rent control… Read More »

The Douglas School Site

In the early 70s when Douglas School was demolished, the future use of the site and the effect it would have on the surrounding area became a concern for the surrounding neighbors. The School Board wanted to sell the site – for a use supported by the neighborhood and one that would put the property… Read More »

The Dunwoody Saga

The first development proposal for the 4 and 1/2 acre Dunwoody property in the Lowry Hill neighborhood was submitted to the City of Minneapolis and the Lowry Hill Homeowners organization (LHHO) in 1959 – more than 20 years of controversy and negotiations followed before the property was developed – to everyone’s satisfaction. Part One –… Read More »