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Some of the people reading my blogs are asking and often I wonder why I have chosen to take on some of these risky and seemingly impossible projects and persist until success appears or, in very few cases, failures is the end result. After all, being self-employed, I have no one else to blame; I… Read More »


This was written long ago by a great author, Rudyard Kipling. I read it often and try to believe in and emulate each phrase. You should too. It focuses on a man but is just as relevant for women!

I Believe

Occasionally, I am going to include a blog explaining the philosophy that has guided my actions, my attitude, and the way I live – why I do what I do, why I am so stubborn, why I am a marshmallow, why I smile, why I am so demanding, so self-deprecating, why I was always self-employed… Read More »